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Compliance Services



SNAP Evaluations®

Assessing and improving the proficiency on each property is one of the primary keys to ensuring everyone is on the right track, especially when it comes to having a successful HUD MOR or Tax Credit audit. We offer a SNAP Evaluation® where we go to each property to conduct an audit of 25% to 30% of the files. This SNAP Evaluation® only takes a short amount of time to quickly audit randomly selected files. The audit may include a rapid review of the current year for required forms, income/assets, TIC’s, 50059’s and, EIV Reports (including Income Discrepancies) for accuracy and review of your EIV Master Binder as required per the HUD 4350.3 guidelines. What is ideal about the SNAP Evaluation® is that it's completed in less than one-third of the time as a regular full file audit which means a reduction in cost for the property while still gaining a better understanding of the condition of the files before your next MOR or Tax Credit audit takes place.


On-Site File Auditing

We come to you and work with the staff while directly accessing the files. It is a huge benefit of being able to arrive on-site and physically go through the files. It immensely increases the accuracy of the audit to ensure all the paperwork in the files is reviewed in detail. By removing the back and forth with long-distance auditing not only can it speed up the end result but many times can have more accurate results.


Tax Credit Reporting

We know there are times when your team might already be working at maximum – or maybe you are short-staffed. We are here to help! We can process your LIHTC Quarterly and Annual Reports for a property or for the entire portfolio. Let us help lighten the workload so your teams can focus on occupancy and income.


MOR Finding Repairs

Now that MOR's are on an annual basis, the time given to repair any MOR Findings has shortened. We can help you quickly resolve all of your issues and meet your deadline given by your PBCA (Contract Administrator). In addition to helping you meet your deadline, we will be able to assist you with providing your CA with any requested corrections to your policies and/or procedures, to include TSP's and EIV Policies and Procedures.


Training and Educating On-site Staff

Although the HUD 4350.3 Handbook can seem quite overwhelming at times, we can meet with your team and help them create a process to be consistent in the office and on the property to ensure you are meeting HUD's guidelines and expectations. This can be done while we are there during an MOR repair/audit or, if you prefer, throughout a specified timeframe after the audit is completed.

If you are in need of a Consultant for a specific property or portfolio.  We can successfully help coach and guide your team for a length of time and/or during any type of transition.  Maybe you are in need of a larger leadership role, such as a Regional Supervisor.  Both can be done short term or long term depending on what your needs are and what will work best for you.


Pre-Acquisition Due Diligence Auditing and Consulting

If you are looking to acquire a new asset, we are able to go to the property and complete a 100% file audit for you. If requested, we are able to assess the current on-site staff for you as well. These actions can give you a greater understanding of the condition of the files you will inherit and what you will need to do to correct them after you close the deal. Many times, we are contracted to return after the purchase to correct the files to ensure they will be in compliance should an MOR occur.


Assistance with Resolving OIG Investigations

If you have had the misfortune of having an OIG investigation at your property, it is imperative that you are able to provide clean, accurate files as well as reports to have an opportunity to minimize the financial consequences of a negative final report from the OIG. We have experience in both repairing files and preparing detailed reports for each file to HUD and the OIG, giving you an opportunity to appropriately present your case.

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